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eSignature - enable digital

Efficient digital processing of documents need eSignatures for the approval / authorisation. Use from any device and avoid delays when people are out of the office.

Oracle Document Cloud - Ether Solutions

Using Documents Every Day

Effective access to the right documents at the right time by the right people in the right location can make an organisation run smoothly. Oracle Document Cloud enables people to take control of their documents and control how they are shared.

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About Document Management

Effective management of documents is an essential activity for any organization

There is an enormous amount of effort to create, update, process and retain documents by a wide variety of staff. The importance of version control, security and audit trails are core elements for any Document Management solution that operates across the document lifecycle. Ether Solutions has practical experience of implementing Document Management systems for a broad range of companies that span from FTSE global enterprises through UK national businesses to 5 man specialist teams.



About Workflows

Process documents quickly and efficiently

The processing of documents and forms through a workflow or business process, is a key part of the activity for many companies. The concept is simple, the details in the document / form provide the information for a business transaction. As the items arrive they need to be assessed and processed, the expected path for an item can be well defined with only a few situations where escalations and re-assignments are necessary. For other material, there can be the need for a more flexible path before an outcome is reached, these scenarios are normally referred to as Case Management. Ether Solutions has significant experience of implementing solutions to address workflow requirements with Business Process Management (BPM) as well as solutions for “Adaptive” Case Managements.



About Hybrid Cloud

Maintain security & smooth data flows

There are many good Cloud services available but most organisations will be starting from a set of data centre based on premise systems. Ether Solutions has experience of working with organisations to achieve a Hybrid Cloud architecture, so that appropriate security and data flows occur between the cloud and data centre. The overall solution can be a mix of cloud integration services, specific Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) functionality and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).



About Ether Solutions

Oracle Partner, Kofax Partner, Hellosign Partner, UiPath Partner

Ether Solutions is a specialist Consultancy dedicated to addressing all aspects of document and form handling in an organisation. With expert knowledge of Oracle Cloud services, Oracle Middleware software, Kofax Capture products, Hellosign eSignature and UiPath Robotic Process Automation functionality, Ether Solutions enables clients to benefit from scanning, document management, workflow processing, robotic assistance and complete digital activity.

Ether Solutions is proud to have clients in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We have implemented solutions for a 4 man business through to national enterprises and global corporations. The technology can be applied in many ways so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Ether Solutions help clients with document challenges

Ether Solutions are Cloud Services Specialists for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Document Management, Forms Workflow, Enterprise Portals, Document Scanning and eSignatures delivering to UK clients. Our aim is to help clients with Productivity through automation of their document needs, covering the whole document lifecycle from creation and capture, through document workflow, document storage, document searching and discovery, to document retention, document archive and document destruction.

Ether Solutions partners with Oracle, Kofax, UiPath and HelloSign to use the best technology available to enable effective solutions to be deliver for client organisations so that the aspirational dream of efficient automated document processes can be realised including during the often challenging document signing activity.

Why Ether Solutions?

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  • Knowledge, Skills & Experience

    We are specialists in Documents, Databases and Workflow. Covering all aspects of the document life cycle from capture (scanning), repository

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  • About Us

    Ether Solutions is a specialist Consultancy dedicated to using Oracle Cloud (PaaS), Oracle Middleware, Kofax Capture and Kofax RPA technology.

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  • Ether Solutions History

    Ether Solutions was founded in 2000. Initially operating from Uxbridge, the company moved an office in Harrow in 2001 and

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