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Experience Oracle Document Cloud With Our Starter Pack

Employees need instant access to the content that drives your business.  Whether they are at their desk or working remotely, the ability to easily and securely access and collaborate business content is one of the keys to being an agile enterprise.

Oracle Documents Cloud Service, an enterprise content collaboration solution, provides organisations of any size the file sync and share capabilities your employees need while providing the control and security your IT organisation requires.

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First Steps To A Toe In The Cloud

The answer to the demands on today’s IT platforms can be found in  the  shape  of  cloud  computing,  which  can  provide  a  flexible solution  to  accommodate  changing  business  requirements  while still being cost - effective.

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Oracle Document Cloud - Supplier Portals

Oracle Document Cloud As A Supplier Portal

In today’s business world, there is a strong emphasis on the need to  lower  costs.  The  recent  recession  forced  many  businesses  to look  at  how  they  could  drastically  reduce  costs  without  adversely affecting  the  quality  of  their  output.  One  widely  adopted  way  of addressing  this  pressure  is  to  introduce a  system  to  manage  the entire  procurement  process  electronically.  

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Oracle Document Cloud - Paperless Meetings

Paperless Meetings

As an organiser, save time preparing for a meeting, with paperless there is no printing, photocopying, assembling or stapling. No need to print spare copies just in case of extra meeting attendees. No need to re-print if last minute changes to the materialare required. Savings on both printers and print supplies can be significant

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