Excel processed by RPA

Excel Skills or a “Cut & Paste” expert?

Excel is a great tool, but how often is used for “What if” analysis?

How often do you see Excel being used to build a list items that need to be worked on as a set of tasks?

Pivot tables and links between worksheets are excellent but for many “Sort, Filter and Update” are the main uses.

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RPA Awareness

RPA Awareness in SME reaches 35%

Ether Solutions market research conducted in March by Insight Engineers showed that for Medium (50-249 staff) enterprises that RPA awareness reaches 35% and for Small (10-49 staff) businesses it is at 20%.

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Holiday Robot Working

Easter Holiday – Robot to help?

Easter is a common time for staff to take holiday. With schools closed, many families plan to take holiday. For business the peak in holiday requests can pose a challenge. Generally, business trading cannot stop, so the staff that are working have to cover for their colleagues’ holiday. Of course, non-urgent activity will be delayed until after the Easter break but many tasks still need to be completed to keep the business running smoothly.

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Chatbots vs RPA

Chatbots vs RPA

What is the difference between Chatbots and RPA?

There are many definitions of these exciting areas of technology and both suffer from “Hype”.

In my view they are different but there is a small degree of overlap and they could be used together.

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