RPA Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does RPA works?


RPA is a software solution and does not involve physical hardware. It works by doing "Human Type" actions on predictable tasks like copying data from document to system (i.e. quotation to order), collating data, generating report etc.

RPA can execute repetitive tasks that a human would otherwise do on a computer system.

The technology has matured to a level where accuracy and speed are core features. It continues to evolve and simplify the effort to create and deploy solutions.


2. Is RPA very expensive?

There is a wide spectrum of RPA vendors and the price range varies according to the functionality as well as the complexity of the software.  Solutions can cost a few thousand for simply solutions through to enterprise level budgets for global corporations.



3. Is it difficult to implement and maintain RPA?

There has been a lot of hype about RPA implementations. They can be deployed in sensible "Chunks" or they can be large projects with teams of people working on a delivery.  

Like every good business project, it is about managing risk, benefits and keeping focus on what will deliver a reasonable ROI - 80 : 20 Rule applies as much to RPA as anything else.

The use of a Proof Of Concept (POC), can be an effective way to make sure there is alignment between what is possible and what is practical.


4. What are the benefits of using RPA?

RPA can save cost. RPA processes can run 24/7 and works extremely fast and accurately. This does not mean removing humans but often allowing them to sort out issues and add value. If the 80% standard is taken care of by an RPA robot, then human effort can be focused on the other 20%.

RPA is best viewed as empowering a workforce to be able to do more and not as a means of replacing people.


5. Who can help me with RPA?

All major management consultancies have RPA practices. At Ether Solutions we can assist with the technical aspects but we know clients know their business activities better than any consultant. 


Ether Solutions use UiPath for RPA solutions as it is rated by all the industry analysts as some of the best functionality available.