What is RPA?

RPA – Robotic Process Automation, can sound complicated but fundamentally it can best be described in a few examples:

  • Copy & Paste from a spreadsheet into a computer application (e.g. HR, Finance, Stock)
  • Copy & Paste from a computer application to populate a spreadsheet
  • Copy & Paste from Web site information to enter into an internal computer application (e.g. Competitor prices)
  • Copy & Paste information from an internal system to add into a web site (e.g. Supplier portal)

Of course, in detail it can be much more than the above with the application of logic and rules but it is essentially anything a person would do at their computer.

It is important to remember that RPA cannot do anything a human at a computer keyboard could not do. There is no magic.

RPA is most effective where there is a need for repetitive tasks, that are predictable and do not require decisions by humans.

The advantage of RPA is that once in place, it is consistently effective, can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at minimal incremental cost.

RPA can empower a team of staff to increase their productivity, so that they spend time on the important tasks and let the software Robot workers undertake the routine tasks.