Interview a person or a robot

Recruit more staff or use RPA?

With increasing workloads from GDPR and whatever BREXIT brings, many teams are being asked to achieve more work. What are the choices?

Recruiting more staff has often been the answer. It certainly can motivate a team if great people with just the right skills and knowledge can be found quickly. Of course, that assumes that there is office space, etc. for them. The general position is that it takes considerable time and effort to recruit people, provide them the training and knowledge about how the team work before they become productive.

RPA, Robotic Process Automation, offers an alternative.

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RPA Happy Hour

RPA for dummies? – No for People


Is RPA aimed at dummies? No, RPA is for people. The automation of repetitive computer tasks by using of software robots takes away workload which can be performed by people but where they are not applying any human thought, they are just following a process.

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Excel processed by RPA

Excel Skills or a “Cut & Paste” expert?

Excel is a great tool, but how often is used for “What if” analysis?

How often do you see Excel being used to build a list items that need to be worked on as a set of tasks?

Pivot tables and links between worksheets are excellent but for many “Sort, Filter and Update” are the main uses.

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RPA Awareness

RPA Awareness in SME reaches 35%

Ether Solutions market research conducted in March by Insight Engineers showed that for Medium (50-249 staff) enterprises that RPA awareness reaches 35% and for Small (10-49 staff) businesses it is at 20%.

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